Software applications in healthcare DQ1

In this course you will learn about software applications in healthcare that are used specifically to manage patient encounters and record patient health information in electronic form, commonly referred to as the electronic health record (EHR).  You will have the opportunity to practice using an application for several tasks in the healthcare facility.  Most healthcare facilities, large and small, have implemented the EHR systems.  There are many healthcare professionals who use and manage these systems as well as analyze the collected data to help improve patient care and outcomes. 

As you learn about the electronic health record components and systems, it is important to also explore the health information/health informatics professions and network with individuals who are already working in this sector of the healthcare field.

In Unit 5 your assignment will be to provide a review of a specific profession in healthcare that deals with health information/health informatics.  In preparation for that assignment, you should begin to review different health information/health informatics professions and make contact, if possible, with someone who already works with electronic health information in a healthcare facility.

For this assignment:

Identify a position in a healthcare organization that uses the electronic health record (EHR) or other systems for managing health information.  
Discuss the position in regards to how they utilize EHR or other systems.
Discuss benefits that the use of these systems offer to individuals in these positions.
Identify any potential negatives of the EHR or system.

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