Sociology Assessment Essay

After reading the assigned article, address the following in 250-300 words minimum:
1. Draw three main conclusions from the article;
2. Describe two important elements of data presented on the charts/graph and briefly interpret each data element;
3. Describe the ways in which this can be defined as a personal trouble or social issue.  Be sure to cite specific evidence from the article to support your position (i.e. be sure to include other cultural perspectives in addition to your own); 
4. Explore how the social phenomena discussed in the article may or may not contribute to human suffering and or social disorganization (i.e. be sure to include other cultural perspectives in addition to your own);
5. Based on your exploration on prompts numbers 1-4 make three recommendations including, but not limited to:
a. A need for future research on this social phenomenon, 
b. The development of new laws or public policies to address this issue
c. Relevant programs to assist individuals and groups regarding the issue.
 You are encouraged to support your argument with direct textual evidence and your sociological insights (applicable terms and concepts). Cite all references in MLA.

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