Please submit responses individually with each references. I need about 150 words for each question.
1) Please share a work experience or personal experience related to living with or caring for an elderly person. What were some indicators of change in this individual? Given these changes, would you promote home care or facility care? Please share your reasoning.
2) Consider this unit’s topic, and conduct a short article search on topics related to the biological and psychological aspects of aging.
Summarize the information in your own words, and include the following in your response:

What did this information highlight, and how does this information relate to the biological and psychological aspects of aging?
Explain situations in which you have seen this first-hand.

3) Reflecting on the focus and content of this course so far, what are some important challenges facing management of health care organizations today (regarding an aging population), and how would you go about addressing it? Explain.
4) Some research maintains that cognitive aging is linked to social roles—what are your thoughts on this find? Share examples to support your views.
5) It has been argued that gender issues are extremely important in considering social policies for the elderly population. Feminization of poverty and ill-health during old age is a result of exacerbated risks for women across the life course. Appropriate care and support for this vulnerable group is a priority. Based on your readings in this course or on your real-world experience, what is your position on solutions for this group?

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