social Work For Prof. Dan. Only

Request paper completed by Friday April 20, 2018 at 5:00pm EST. Use each question as the subject header.
I will provide the reference material. 
Topic is Homeless Veterans with severe mental illness
1. Identify how homeless veterans w/severe mental illness can benefit from a Critical Time intervention group? at least 1 reference
2. What are three key values or benefits of using a group approach with this population? Examples are feeling normal, opportunity to hide, evoking different and new aspects of ones personality, creating new behavioral norms, imitating behavior, all of us are smarter than any one of us, development of social skills, appreciating diversity, getting the job done, empowerment.
At least 1 reference
3. Using models and theories of group practice, what type of group approach would you propose? Require 3 references
4. What are key challenges or obstacles in group interventions with this population? How would you address each of these challenges? At least two references. 
A. In the agency context? Department of Veterans Affairs
B. In the community context? Homeless Shelters, Public Housing
C. In the client context?
5. Identify and briefly discuss three readings from the course that were particularly useful in developing your plan and beginning strategy. 3 references
6. Discuss your plans for an initial group session or describe how you conducted the first session. What are/were your goals for these initial sessions? Incorporate anticipated statements and anticipated reactions of the group members. 
7. Based on the Skill Inventory in the Standards for Social Work Practice with Groups, discuss three critical skills you used, or expect to use in the beginning stage of the group. The Standards are available at:
8.  What challenges do you anticipate and what are your strategies to address them for a proposed group that has not met. Keep in mind that they are Homeless Veterans with severe mental illness
Paper must be Times New Roman, double space, 1 inch margins,  10 pages not including reference page. The paper reference in the text, citations, and references must be formatted in APA style. Must contain reputable references, scholarly related to Critical Time Intervention with homeless Veterans diagnosed with severe mental illness.

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