Social Responsibility Then and Now (Write a 2- to 3-page letter responding to Mr. Friedman)

Social Responsibility Then and Now

Read the following article:  Friedman, M. (1970, September 13). Social responsibility of business is to increase its profits. New York Times Magazine. Retrieved from

Write a 2- to 3-page letter responding to Mr. Friedman, and explain to him why his perspective no longer works in the 21st-century role of business.

Address the following points in your letter:

• Reasons profits are no longer an indicator of corporate health

• Changes in corporate relationships with stakeholders that now 
         determine corporate concerns outside of making a profit

• In times past, employees were told to bring their mind and body to work and check their heart and soul at the door. Changes in business and corporate strategy require businesses to pay closer attention to employee needs.

Use information from the readings, outside research, or other valid sources to support your views and ideas.          

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