Social Policy

Be between 500 and 700 words, approximately 2 double-spaced pages
Be double-spaced
Use proper citation and references (see instructions for written assignments below)
Sources students use should be retrieved from that week’s resources (readings, films, radio clips, lectures, current events, newspaper articles, etc.). 

Outside readings or sources are not necessary, except where requested.

Use correct grammar and spelling.
Use your own words. 
Describe the differences between universal and means-tested programs. 
What are the arguments for and against universal and means-tested programs.
Using the attached chart, classify each of the programs below by the basis of their allocation (universalism vs. means—testing) and by the nature of their delivery (cash, vouchers, or in-kind (goods/services).)
TANF, Social Security, public education, Head Start, Food Stamps (SNAP), Section 8 housing program, and public housing.
In addition to these programs, identify two programs or services provided at your field placement – where in this table would you place these services?
Make sure to explain the rationale behind your decisions with regards to all of the policies.

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