social phenomena

Choose one of the following social phenomena and use one of the sociological perspectives to describe it.
Social phenomena:  1. high cost of college tuition
                                 2. gang membership
                                 3. high divorce rate
                                 4. building a wall along the U.S. southern border
Sociological perspectives:  1.  functionalism
                                            2. conflict theory
                                            3. interactionist perspective
                                            4. feminist perspective
Example — I’ll explain/describe prostitution from each perspective.
Functionalism:  Prostitution creates jobs for law enforcement.  It gives otherwise unemployable women a way to support themselves.  
Conflict:  Prostitutes are typically females controlled by male pimps.  Males have power over the prostitutes, their money, and their well-being.
Interactionist:  How do you know who is a prostitute?  Prostitutes can be identified by their appearance In some cases.  The clothes they wear, their make-up and hair, and the way they posture themselves can be signs of their status.
Feminist:  Women are exploited by their pimps.  They turn over their money and are subject to the pimp.  BUT, another feminist version might go like this — Prostitution gives women the freedom to control their own bodies.  It can be a means to independence (if there is no male pimp involved).
Okay.  Now it’s your turn.  Pick one phenomena from the list and one perspective to apply.  I expect more than a sentence of two from you!

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