Social Network Brings Harm Than Good.Discuss

Social network brings harm than good. Discuss. In this technological decade, social network has become an indispensable thing. No matter what we are doing, we will use it. A social networking site can be defined as an online service. Social networking sites include Facebook, Friendster, Twitter. It allow us to have an account to meet new friends, entertainment and moreover. Although there are a lot of advantages, but in my opinion, it brings more harm than good. Why am I saying that social network brings more harm than good?
First and foremost, at social networking site, some people use fake information to meet new friends. They often use fake profile picture and personal information to cheat others so that they could become more and more friends in social network sites. Besides, we usually can notice there are many advertisement of online business in every site. Some of them are with fake information are used to scam the ignorance people to buy their items. You will realise that already being cheated by them after you bought their items or you won’t even get your item after u make the payment.
On the other hand, nowadays teenagers often like to post useless status on the social networking sites. They also comment on unmeaning status. It is such a waste of time to comment on these status rather than doing something meaningful. Besides, some of them like to post status or picture to earn “like” to show others how popular they are. Furthermore, some group will post picture or video with violence and pornography which are not suitable for the young.

Some website will pop out some picture with violence or pornography which is not for the youth, but for the adults as well. Other than that, some people also like to insult other people by posting a status on these social networking sites. It often lead to unmeaning quarrel. There are some group with title like “I hate XXXXX” or “Fxxk you XXXXX”. These often begin with those unmeaning quarrel. In addition, addicted to entertainment also one of the harm from social network. Nowadays teenagers usually addicted in online games.
These is also a reason why the statistic of reading in our country is decreasing. They usually use out their free time to play online games rather than study. Besides, some of them even top up cash to the game which they playing. These will lead them to stealing. They will steal they parent money to top up in this game when they don’t have enough of money to top up. Another point which is worth to mention, chat on social network not only will bring us good, it also will bring us harm.
There are many chat system on social network include Facebook chat, Skype, YY, RC and many more. Chat system not just bring us conveniences. Undoubtedly, it also will bring us the lacking of ability to communicate with others. That is because that when you using these chat system, you have enough time to think of what are we going to reply. In conclusion, I agree that social network bring us a lot of conveniences, but it also bring us a lot of harm that we did not think of usually. So we should use it wisely so that we will not being controlled by social network.

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