social construction of reality

social construction of reality

The reality we take for granted is a social construction. This is particularly apparent when we look at the information presented to us as facts through published academic research, word of mouth, or the media. Reality is influenced by the individuals and organizations responsible for creating, assembling, and disseminating this information. Choose an event that is currently making national headlines. It could be a story about the President, or Congress, a major tragedy or natural disaster, a celebrity scandal, or a highly publicized criminal trial.

Find two different news articles on the same story covered and analyze how this story is “constructed” dependent on the source. What does the social construction of reality refer to? How does this relate to the news articles you are using (summarize your articles)? For example, what were the differences in how the story was covered by the different media outlets? What were their similarities? How does all this relate to how the media shapes how we see social reality?
Please indicate the new sources you used.

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