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The goal of this project is to help you understand the role of inequalities in regards to the quality of life as it pertains to health.
This discussion post requires you to watch the documentary: Unnatural Causes: Are Inequalities Making us Sick.  In order for you to access this documentary, please follow the prompts.  If you have any problems DO CONTACT LIBRARY and cc me.

Go to the following link (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Click on the “California Newsreel” link for part 1
Then login with your UW NETID before watching the film. If you do not have UW NETID, then please contact the UW-Bothell Library for assistance.   
Upon completion of the documentary (Just watch part 1, which is about an hour long), answer the following questions: 
Specifically, what was the documentary about?
In what way did this documentary affect you?
Knowing that inequalities affects the quality of life and life expectancy, has this changed your views about inequalities? Universal health care?
What is the best way to improve the life expectancy and quality of life of individuals?
Make sure to respond to two peers
Make sure to number your responses.

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