SOC 349 The Sociology of Aging

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Disc. 3 Torres: mother in law 

1. In my opinion, my later years will require me to continue to stay active and productive because of the lifestyle I believe I will have. I enjoy cycling and running in my free time because it keeps me active and healthy. My work will slow down but I see myself working past my 40’s and into my 60’s to have an option of a second retirement. I will be able to retire at 40 years of age, but I have a home that I purchased that will use most of my retirement. I would like to still travel and enjoy certain indulgence that would require me to have a job/profession to cover those things. I do believe that I have saved to the best of my ability, but you never know what life throws at you with unexpected expenses such as a car or home repairs/purchases, emergencies, and so on. I would love to continue my habits to remain the same, but I do see myself slowing down. I don’t think I can run and bike as much as I do now or go out as much as I do, but I still see myself enjoying those things in my personal time. My productivity level needs to stay the same so I need to eat healthily and stay active to stay strong in my later years. 

J. Parker; the mother in law:   I live in Griffin, Georgia but I work in Atlanta which is exactly 60 minutes away. In my immediate surroundings, I found there to be only 8 dwellings in the city of Griffin, but as I travel north, the number increases and there are plenty of them. What I did notice as a trend is that a lot of families have in lawsuits in the form of an extra bedroom. Particularly in African-American homes. Also, the in lawsuits are more expensive, but that is because of the title. Realtors are able to charge an extra fee for perceived extra space. Even though a home with an in the lawsuit is expensive in some demographics, they still aren’t as expensive as it would be to place someone in a residential facility.

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