So far, so Good… So What! – Creative Writing

It was 5 hours before the concert, we knew this would be our last chance to practice our lineup. My stomach curled up into a ball and turned itself upside down. Suddenly a thought struck me straight in the eye.
“I forgot my damn clothes!” I screamed.
“Well get back to your house and bring them here, we only have 2 more hours to practice till this place opens,” Adel said to me.

“What! I thought we had 5 hours left, what’s happening?” A tenser me blurted out.
“The arcade opens at 7 and we play at 9. They said they wanted us out by 6 so they could get the stage-ready.”
“Oh ok, listen up I’m goin’ to have to run back to my house ’cause I don’t have a ride now. I’ll catch you guys later.”
I picked up my new, supposedly, waterproof and shockproof Nokia, the 6250. It was my pride and joy until it fell down the stairs and found the screen smashed. I chuckled to myself, knowing it wasn’t the end of the world. I pulled my socks up, tied my boots as tight as possible, and pulled my pants up to the proper height. Two minutes running put my spirit down, I slowed to a fast walk, panting as I’d just ran a marathon. Altogether it took ten minutes of fast walking to arrive on my doorstep. Upon ringing the bell, my maid came tumbling outside and opened the door for me. I ran considerably slowly into my house, up the stairs, and into my bedroom. The door creaked behind me and the noise sliced through my brain like a hot knife through butter. After a quick squeal, I picked up my phone and called another member of my band, Khalid.
“Yo man,” I said, “I’m back home now and I’m just changing here and I’ll be back.”
“Ok then, just don’t be too long,” He said.
With that note, I hung up the phone and turned on my CD player. Ran into a quick shower, put some fresh black jeans on, threw a black shirt on, and picked up my leather jacket. Flying down the stairs, turning a sharp corner, and falling over I reached the bathroom where my gel is kept. 5 minutes later I left my house with 4-inch spikes of black hair on my head. My mum sat down in the car and I jumped into it. I suddenly realized how tense I was. All of the 5-minute ride I was quickly going over the words of the song Trust by Megadeth in my head.
It was 4:45 when I got back to the “photon planet”. I could hear my band playing a different song. Fear struck my heart, the lineup had changed while I was away.
“What the hell are you guys doing?” I screamed at Adel.
“We’ve changed around a bit. I’ll teach you the songs now.” He replied calmly to me.
“Ok, do it fast,” I said.
I picked up my guitar and plugged in through my Zoom Multi FX pedal. I jammed a harsh power chord and my heart sunk further. Someone had been playing with the heavy metal effects that had taken 2 hours of my time to set. Adel came running over and Ahmed jumped to the floor with Khalid. I fell onto the ground with a feeling of dread building up inside me. Quickly running through the 50 different pedals all miniaturized and packed into one box with lots of buttons. I knew from that moment that my guitar would be useless without the pedal. I lay back on the ground and a cigarette was pushed into my mouth. The worst filth in the world was soaring out of my mouth like a million rockets firing one after another.
“Calm down man,” said Ahmed “just forget about playing the guitar today ok. Don’t worry about a thing you’ll play next time.”
“But man this is so screwed up my day sucks!” I said with an insane laugh.
“Hey, guys get out of here with the smokes the manager’s coming!”
We pushed and shoved each other screaming and laughing at the fire exit. Down seemed like the right way to go. We all collapsed into a heap at the bottom of the stairs laughing and screeching like a bunch of halfwits. I started singing at the top of my voice, the adrenalin rush made me feel great. Azam came running down the stairs holding a tray full of drinks in one hand a guitar in the other.
“I got us all a hot chocolate before we get up there. I just finished setting us all up on the mixer, it is going to be great!” said Azam.
“Aiiite!” we all screamed in unison, remembering the Ali G show we watched the night before!
A few minutes later all hell broke loose upstairs. The official opening had happened. People were stampeding around the new arcade, playing games, flying all over the roof on the roller coaster, and others just looking and causing chaos. Lauren came running down the stairs followed closely by Alice and Alyaa.
I started laughing and said, “I thought I was well hidden down here, how did you find me?”
“Haji told us,” replied Lauren.
“Oh ok. It’s all good!” I just managed to laugh out.
“We have half an hour till the show, learn the rest of the words.” Said Khalid
The half-hour passed in ten minutes, or that is how it seemed to me. Still unclear of all the words I ran up to the stage still running over and over in my head. Horror was before my eyes, hundreds of people were there. I looked closely and the whole of my gang was there. Without warning the song started. With the microphone in my hand, it felt great. I sang the words were on the floor in front of me. A gust of nowhere wind picked up the sheets and took them to the edge of the stage. At this point, I panicked, I started to sing the first words that came into my head. I could feel eyes burning into my flesh, I was shaking like a massage machine. I could hear the last verse coming to an end. I stood up straight and screamed, “TRUST”. I left the stage quietly and handed the microphone to the second singer.
“Go up there and do the Spanish singing you do it better than anyone.” I quickly blurted out in Arabic.
“Ok Jim!” he said.
After that quick talk, I ran over to Alice and nearly fainted from shock! I said a quick goodbye and left, never to be seen again.

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