Small group discussion:Policy and agenda

There are challenges to agenda building that if  not dealt with carefully and skillfully can adversely affect an issue or  a proposal that you are trying to place in front of a decision maker.  On the other hand, no matter how expertly you build an agenda for your  issue or proposal, some issues are going to simply be avoided or not  selected for consideration. Why is this so?
In  this Small Group Discussion, you explore challenges surrounding policy  agendas and the reasons why some proposals never make it to the decision  maker.

Post your responses to the following questions presented for Small Group Discussion:

Many social issues do not receive the necessary attention from decision makers. Why might these issues be cast aside?
Some issues lack sufficient support to ensure that they are added to decision-makers’ agendas. Why might this be?
Some issues receive significant attention from decision makers. Why  might these issues easily find their way onto decision makers’ agendas?

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