SIX-STEP PROCESS OF THE MARKETING EXECUTIVE PLAN. STEP ONE: Identification of a company or business to be evaluated in the Marketing Plan. Besides the company name and brief description, the Proposal should include a complete outline of issues to be addressed as suggested and recommended in the Appendix of Chapter 17, Tables A17.1 through A17.4. that show the Marketing Framework to be followed for the entire plan.

STEP TWO: Situation Analysis or 5Cs

The 5Cs of the marketing framework are given in detail in Table A17.1, with the managerial checklist questions posed from their respective chapters.

Company: The first step in building a marketing plan involves a corporate self-examination. The company uses a SWOT analysis to determine its strength. It also decides on its goals. NOTE: Every time the company is mentioned as doing or performing a task, you should report your plan or proposal on what the company should do or perform regarding the specific task being considered.


Customer: The company also tries to understand its customers by collecting data on them. The company starts with studying secondary data to know the background trends. Later on, it starts collecting fresh data on its current customers, past customers, potential customers, its competitor’s customers, etc.

Context: With regard to context, the company assesses the macro-environmental issues it must attend to. The text outlines some sample questions that the company should pose in order to understand the business context. The company revisits these questions when it sees changes in it environments or when it changes its brand or target segments.

Collaborators: The company should also study the relationship it has with its providers in the supply chain.

Competitors: Using a SWOT analysis helps the company determine its strength relative to other providers in the market place.
The text uses the NPO example given in Chapter 15 to explain the concepts of company, customer, context, collaborators, and competitors.

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