SIR model

 For Project 2, the only input should be the file name and (if applicable) a selection to choose between the SIR or SEIRS model. All files follow a very strict formatting as described in the instructions and below: SIRAllow the user to choose the file describing the initial setup of the simulation

The first line indicates the required number of infectious agents in a susceptible agent’s neighborhood for the susceptible agent to become infectious on the next day
The second line indicates how many days an agent remains infectious before it becomes recovered on the following day, i.e. if the infectious period is 2, then the agent becomes recovered after being infectious for 2 days
The third line indicates the display frequently for how frequently the region should be displayed in days
All subsequent lines will indicate the starting health states of the different agents in the region

s: susceptible
i: infectious
r: recovered
v: vaccinated

One will have the latent period which determines how long an agent is in the exposed/latent state.
One will have the recovery period which determines how long an agent stays recovered before becoming susceptible.
The last will have the maximum number of days the model will be allowed to run.

To reiterate, the user should not need to input anything except the input file and (if applicable) the choice between SIR and SEIRS. Any extra input is unnecessary and will not be graded but could possibly make accurate grading more difficult. I recommend providing exactly what is asked, no more, no less. That way, it ensures I can grade your program as accurately as possible. 

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