Single-Subject Design Research Paper

Your paper should meet the following specifications: 
Format: You must use APA format for your paper. The  paper must include a title page, abstract page, body of paper, a  reference page, and an appendix. Note: Resources on APA format are  located in the course Content area.
Body: The body of the paper should be a minimum of  four pages. This means the total paper, including the title page,  abstract, reference page, and appendix, should be a minimum of eight  pages. In each section, you must communicate your points and support  them with evidence cited from the three peer-reviewed journal articles  you already obtained. The body must include an introduction and the  following four sections, indicated by Level 1 APA headings:
Description of project: the problem and goal, as well as baseline and intervention data measurement.
Baseline phase: Findings from baseline data measurement. Refer to the chart in the appendix of your paper.
Intervention phase: Findings from intervention data  measurement. Refer to the chart in the appendix of your paper. (See  Appendix description below.)
Results: Discuss the outcome of the project. If it  was successful, what contributed to its success? Do you plan to continue  the new behavior now that the project has ended? Why or why not? If the  project wasn’t successful, how might the intervention phase be changed?  Do you plan to try a different intervention? Why or why not?
Appendix: Place an appendix after the reference page  that includes a chart tracking your baseline and intervention data. The  chart may be created electronically or by hand, as long as it is neat  and legible. Review and apply APA guidelines for appendices. Resources  on APA format are available in the Content area.

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