Show me the Money Write-up

Show me the Money Write-up. Review the background case study/problem write-up information provided (case study linked here here – Alternative Formats ). Each group member should be assigned to 1 of the roles described above.
Each group member should be assigned at least 1 learning issue to explore and should locate at least 1 pertinent reference to accompany their learning issue. After having time to research and explore the issue, group members should each report their findings followed by a group discussion of the issue and newly discovered information.
As a group, review the research and findings of each learning issue. Use the new information, plus the information you already knew about the problem, to develop a conclusion and a set of recommendations addressing the original problem/issue. Think about your recommendations as a manager and how these recommendations can be used to avoid future problems.
Following AMA format guidelines, compose a 2-3 page written report that includes:
List of learning issues.
In-depth discussion of each of the learning issues identified.
Conclusion and summary of recommendations to address the problems/issues.

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