Should Schools Be Able to Search Lockers

Should student’s lockers be checked? I think that lockers should be checked because there could be drugs, alcohol, and weapons in the lockers. Bringing all of this stuff to school is highly against the rules and against the law. These things could kill you and you could kill others. If student’s lockers were checked it would reduce the gun killing and selling of drugs. Student’s lockers should be checked randomly. With randomly checking the lockers, students will not know what day they will be checked. They will never know when to take the drugs, guns, or alcohol out of the locker.
Keeping drugs, alcohol, and guns in your locker is not a good idea because if you tell anyone they are there they can break into your locker and steal it. They can go and sell it or shoot someone and say that you are the one who gave it to them. Using drugs or alcohol can make you do stuff you do not mean to do. Having guns can influence you to shoot it, and want to kill things. Lockers can be checked by the schools because it is school property. The schools should be able to check all lockers so that they know what kind of stuff they have in them.
Every year there are less drugs and alcohol in schools, because of locker searches. There are less school shootings going on in schools that do random locker searches. If your family has a history of drug or alcohol abuse it can lead to you doing then because you someone else doing it and you think that makes it ok. Searching for drugs or alcohol can make the school a better place to be . By searching lockers it will put bad people in jail and get kids expelled or suspended. Having school locker searches will not only allow the school to be safer, but the state too.

It will let the students know not to buy drugs and not to keep them on school property. The lockers belong to the school so you should not keep items in them you don’t want others to see. If there is a kid that is doing drugs it could influence others to do it because they may think that it is cool. That is why I say yes to random locker searches in our schools. It would make our schools a safer place. It would also make kids think twice before bringing drugs, alcohol, and weapons into our schools.

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