Should new college students take online classes?

Should new college students take online classes?

Identifies the controversy, disagreement, or question the essay will seek to answer.
Explains why this question is important and needs to be resolved.
Closes with a thesis statement.

Your Thesis:
Clearly identifies your position on the question and the position you want your reader to take after reading your essay.
Is 1-2 sentences long.

Each of Your Body Paragraphs:
Opens with a topic sentence that presents a reason in support of the claim stated in the thesis.
Supports the topic sentence with specific evidence.
Explains clearly how the evidence relates to the topic sentence.
Stays focused on the idea presented in the topic sentence.
Responds effectively to opposing views.
Identifies relevant opposing views.
Uses attributive tags (AKA signal phrases) to clearly indicate when ideas or words are being taken from an outside source.
Uses quotation marks when an article is being quoted word-for-word.


Your Conclusion:
Briefly reiterates the thesis.
Does not restate or revisit each supporting point.
Utilizes at least one of the listed optional strategies:
(Optional) Connects the specific issue discussed to its larger significance.
(Optional) Discusses what next steps should be taken by the intended audience.
(Optional) Discusses what further research needs to be conducted on the issue.

Your Works Cited Page:
Is the final page of the essay.
Has the phrase “Works Cited” centered at the top.
Contains the copied and pasted full MLA citations for the articles used, from the document provided.

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