Should LSD be used in psychiatric treatment? (Abstract and Outline for a research paper)

Research Question: Should LSD be used in psychiatric treatment?
Thesis: If we have the medicine and practices for successful outcomes recorded in history, why is LSD still absent in the methods of today? Use of LSD should be accessible to patients in need with proper prescription and consent, its an option amongst others that could lead to positive changes in behavior and emotion for a numerous amount of psychological problems. Are we really doing everything we can for these people if we’re holding back special treatments?

Sources: the ones needed to be included are attached in the files.

Due: 11:59 pm Wednesday, December 6
Points total: 150
Length: 1400 words
Formatting requirements: MLA
Objective: To demonstrate students’ ability to conduct research based on a research question, create an original thesis based on informed research, enter into an academic conversation and outline a well-organized and persuasive essay that uses multiple types of evidence as support.
Assignment Guidelines: For the research project, students will write an abstract and an outline for a research paper based on their research question and thesis. ABSTRACT In a paragraph of approximately 200 words, address the following:

What is your research question, why should people care about your question, why is it an important question to ask?
What did you research to help you answer your question? (Books, articles, charts, etc.)
What did your research teach you? How did it help you answer your research question?
After researching your question, what did you conclude? Are their larger social implications to your research? Is there something that you propose we can do to solve a problem?

OUTLINE In approximately 1200 words, the Library Research Project will make a clear, specific, narrow argument about an arguable topic. The outline will include a full introduction. The remainder of the project is not in paragraph format, but in outline format. The outline must be thorough and readable as if it were the full essay. The argument must be primarily logos-based and supported with multiple forms of evidence, including facts, statistics, and/or quotations from experts in the field. Every claim you make must be supported with evidence. Remember that you are writing to persuade a skeptical audience (that is, your audience won’t take claims on faith), so you must prove your argument’s validity with support from recent, credible, relevant sources.  Assume that your audience is well-educated but unfamiliar with your particular field. 

Include a full introduction with thesis and forecast
Use an understandable outline format including topic sentences, supporting points (using a variety of evidence) and concluding sentences
Cite parenthetical sources correctly (showing that you know how and when to cite sources is a minimum criteria to pass the paper)
Correctly use MLA format
Include a “Works Cited” page
Have at least 6 recent, credible sources total, the majority of which should be scholarly
the 1200 words only counts for the body of your project. Titles, headers, citations, etc. are extra.

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