Short Argument Essay ( no less than 2pages, double space, font size 12)

I already posted the readings you should do in the file
Argument Essay Assignment
Course Outcomes 

Write an objective summary of a complex college level essay
Critically evaluate source material, in terms of style, tone, logic, overall persuasiveness
Write a critical analysis of source material
Synthesize source material and integrate it into students’ writing smoothly and appropriately
Be comfortable using outside sources and materials
Use an appropriate note-taking system
Cite sources properly, both in text and on Works Cited pages
Have a firm grasp of grammar and mechanics and be able to edit own work

You have read numerous argument essays.  You have also read about how to understand written argument.  Now it is time to see if you can present an argument of your own. 
Choose one of the essays we have read in Current Issues and Enduring Questions so far and write an essay evaluating the validity of its argument.  Support your position with text from the essay as well as outside sources (even other essays from our text).  Keep yourself limited to 3 sources for this first essay (don’t forget to cite the article you are focusing on).  You may use one other essay from our textbook but you need a minimum of two sources from outside of class readings.
Keep in mind that your essay should be only three or four pages long so you will need a focused topic to work on.  Be sure to present a specific argument (basically answer the question “How valid is the author’s argument?”) that you then defend.  You can assume that your readers are already familiar with your topic essay so you will not need to use extensive quotes or an extended summary (however you will need to indicate to us which essay you are evaluating).  Focus on your argument.
Remember to follow MLA format for this essay.  You do not need an abstract, outline, or cover page.

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