Short Answer

For this assignment, Please read FUNCTIONAL THEORY AND POLITICAL DISCOURSE TELEVISED DEBATES IN ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES and chapter 2 of  Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices (2nd custom ed.) , then you will respond to five short answer questions.
Respond to the question using two to three well-constructed paragraphs containing specific details and examples that support your understanding of the concepts.
Carefully read each part of the question to ensure that each component is answered with the appropriate depth and detail.
Edit your work to make sure your answers are free of spelling and grammar errors.
When using source material, properly document the information using APA format (see Announcements for details on APA).

What are the two primary functions of a theory? Using these functions, explain why theories are useful in small group communication.
 Which of the five theories discussed in this lesson seems the most beneficial to you and why?  Provide two specific examples from a small group in your life to justify your reasoning.
 Compare and contrast two of the theories studied in this lesson by describing at least two ways the theories are similar and two ways in which they differ.  You must select a theory besides the one you chose for Question 2 of this assignment to compare
Structuration theory focuses on the use of rules to govern behavior. Describe three rules in your life that govern your behavior in small groups.  How do these rules contribute or detract from effective group behavior and why?
Explain why the variables of small group communication are interdependent.  Include at least three specific examples.

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