Shopping for a Computer

You are shopping for a new computer.  You will be using the computer for everything you do, such as school, socializing, gaming, and communicating.  Your total budget before tax is $1,000.00. 

Desktop or laptop
Hard Drive
Antivirus Software

This is a critical thinking assignment.  You do not actually purchase a computer.
Part 1: Plan YOUR Purchase

What is your primary use of the computer?
Will you be purchasing a desktop or laptop?  If your computer will be staying in one place, and perhaps used by several other people, a desktop will be a wise choice. If you are planning on mobility (such as taking the computer to school) select a laptop. Be sure to explain why you chose a desktop or a laptop.
How much memory (RAM) will you need?  Explain how you came to that amount of RAM.
Which piece of software is the most important to you and why?
Will you need a DVD/CD-Rom?  Why or why not?

Part 2: Research and Select 3 Computers
Access three online sources for purchasing computers.  Some examples are Best Buy, Frys Electronics, Amazon, and EBay.  Find at least three computers that fit your needs.  Now that you have done your research, answer each question.

Which computers did you select and why?
Name at least two items that you did not purchase due to budgetary restrictions. Explain why the items you did select were more important.


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