Shell Oil scandals

While petroleum drives the majority of the economy, it also drives the majority of the corruption. Nigeria has long been considered the most corrupt country in the world. Its citizens, government and corporations have been party to and involved in political corruption, bureaucratic corruption, electoral corruption, embezzlement, and bribery. In fact, it has been said the corruption is actually a viable enterprise in the society with no way to trace these activities or prosecute those involved. The companies operating in this region have long been blamed for allowing, participating, and even creating the corruption that has taken place. Not only have they failed to engage reformers but they have been accused of doing things like bribing officials, obscuring oil revenue figures, and failing to invest in the infrastructure and improvement of the people in the country. While the oil companies point to millions of dollars of investment into the region, one look at the impoverished conditions common to the people of Nigeria and its difficult to say it was enough. An estimated $200 billion in revenues is planned to go to African treasuries in the next 10 years as new oil fields are opened throughout this region. This oil will bring the largest influx of revenue in the continents history and more than 10 times the amount western donors give each year in aid. There is great concern about what countries like Nigeria will do with this money and the potential corruption that will take place

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