Shark Tank Episode and describe and analyze

Shark Tank Episode and describe and analyze. You are to watch an episode of Shark Tank and choose a segment to describe and analyze, based on concepts of business taught in Business 101 and your knowledge.

Shark Tank Episode and describe and analyze

1. Write an introduction to the business and its value proposition (10 points) 2. Your interest/involvement in this product/service. Would you use the product or service? (20 points) 3. Product/service Description. Describe the product or service in detail. (30 points) 4. Target market(s) Who are the target markets for this product or service. Do you agree with their target markets? Why or why not? (30 points) 5. Customer need addressed by the product/service. Do you feel that the product or service is meeting their customers needs? (30 points) 6. Current marketing and pricing strategy, distribution/place (30 points) How are they marketing the product? How much are they selling it for? Does their price make sense? How are they distributing the product? Are they selling it in stores, on their website, online? 7. Valuation of the company by the owners and the sharks, based on the ask. Is it valid? Explain why or why not (20 points) a. (Many students struggle with this concept—ask for help, if you don’t understand this!) for example if they are asking for $100,000 for 15 percent ownership, they are saying that the business is worth $666,667 (divide the amount they are requesting by the percentage ownership they are offering and then multiple by 100) 8. Outcome of the show/episode (10 points) Did the Sharks invest? If so, how much did they invest and what percentage of the ownership did they receive for their investment? 9. Your conclusion after viewing the program. Would you have invested in the company? Why or why not. List one question that you would have asked that the Sharks did not ask

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