Sharing of Losses : Kovacik v. Reed

Sharing of Losses : Kovacik v. Reed.

You can refer to the Book provided chapter 36 the Estoppel section as well for more information on Agency Law

Here is a suggestion as how you can structure your paper:

A. Introduction (summary of your paper, its content, and your opinions)

B. Factual Background of the Case (explain the factual background of the case)

C. Case Discussion

Issue (describe the issue(s) that is the center of the case and your paper)

Rule (describe the law applicable to case. For example, you can discuss relevant laws on consideration)

Analysis (analyze the issue by applying the law to the facts

Conclusion (summarize your analysis here).

D. Legal Analysis (describe your opinion of the court ruling: whether you agree with the court ruling or now. What’s your opinion from the legal standpoint)

E. Ethical Analysis (describe your opinion of the case from the ethical standpoint. Was the court decision ethical? Do you agree with the outcome from the ethical standpoint?)

F. Conclusion (summarize the paper and your opinions)

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