Utilizing the appropriate sources, list 2-3 challenges related to the adoption of new technology (for example, adoption of EMRs or EHRs or PHRs, telemedicine or any other healthcare technology). Refer to the Notes section and read the additional notes. Then, discuss methods that may be used in managing change in clinical settings (for example, how does the adoption of EHRs affect the clinicians at various levels and how can administration effectively manage change). How would you as an administrator use quantitative and qualitative data so that it can influence a decision making process?
It is crucial that you do your research and find scholarly articles that support your opinions and arguments/claims. Providing examples is always a plus. Pay attention to the SafeAssign similarity index. Anything with the index of 30% should be rewritten and resubmitted (you are allowed more than one submission). I may also return the assignments for resubmission.  
Make sure your paper is no less than two pages in length, double spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman.

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