Self-of-the-Therapist Activity

Self-of-the-Therapist Activity.

Identify which family member you felt most able to connect with and explain why.
Identify which family member you felt most reactive to and explain why.
Explain your reactions to the way the therapist interacted with the family.
Note what in particular you liked about the way the therapist engaged with the family. How does this style match the way you would like to engage with clients?
Please choose a dimension of your culture other than the one you used for the first Unit 6 discussion and discuss how your membership and experiences in this particular group influenced your reactions to the therapeutic interactions addressed in the above questions.
Choose at least two questions to address using this single dimension of culture. For example, you may examine how your gender influenced to whom you felt most connected in the session and your reactions to the therapist’s style of engagement.
This is an opportunity to demonstrate your willingness to examine how your culture informs your reactions. With that in mind, please refrain from answers such as “I chose the dimension of gender and do not feel it influenced my reactions at all.” This is effectively a nonanswer and does not demonstrate critical thinking or depth of self-exploration.
Include any insights gained from the unit articles that address various aspects of culture when using the multigenerational model.

Bowenian Family Therapy [Video file]. Retrieved November 8, 2020, from Kanopy.

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