Self-Management essay

 A key part of planning is setting goals and tracking progress toward their achievement. As a manager, you will be involved in some type of planning in an organization. But the planning process is also used in a personal context, where it is called self-management. Self-management involves setting goals for yourself, developing a method or strategy to achieve them, and then carrying it out. For some people, self-management comes naturally. Everyone seems to know someone who is highly organized, self-motivated, and disciplined. That someone may even be you. If that someone is not you, however, then you will need to develop your self-management skills as a means to becoming a better manager. A part of planning, and therefore management, is setting goals and tracking progress toward goal achievement. Record your answers to each of the following questions using the following scale:

(I scored 138)

106–140 – Your practice of self-management is uneven. That is, you may be very disciplined about exercise but not so disciplined about studying (or vice versa). Since managers need to be consistent in their behavior, you will want to more uniformly apply the self-management skills you use in certain aspects of your life 

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