Self Introduction

Attachment #2 ???? (Self Introduction) * Please type or print clearly within 1 page using black ink. (in Korean or in English) (*10 points) My name is Aprillia Anggasari, a 22 years old engineering bachelor graduate from Indonesia. Since high school, learning science has become my major interest. That is why I choose engineering for my graduate subject to explore my science interest. Since July 2009, I study in Materials and Metallurgical Departement in Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology, Indonesia. In university, besides studied I also joined several student’s organization to improve my soft skill.
I am interested in human resource development in organization. I think the development of human resource is very important to increase the quality of organization. With the high quality of the human resource, the organization will be run well because the member can do their job description well with their best performance. I dream one day I could contribute myself to improve Indonesian human resource development trough education. I want to be a biomaterials lecturer. I choose this field because I am interested in biology and materials engineering especially in medical application.
I think this field is unique because we can combine biology science and materials engineering to solve health problem. Besides, the growth of human population and health awareness increase the demand of biomedical properties so that the technology of biomaterials is needed. By studying biomaterials, I hope that I could to be the expert of this field so that I can improve technology of biomaterials to help people and I also could contribute myself in education. I start to study biology since I was in High School and joined several olimpics in biology.

Although I never win the olimpics but I still like biology because this subject is interesting for me. After I have graduated from high school, I got the chance to continue my study in materials and metallurgical departement and I found that any subject in this departement called biomaterial where I can use my engineering knowledge in medical application. I was really glad at that time because I found my favourite subject. In the middle of biomaterials class I was offered by my lecturer to join her project and finally I also took biomaterials as my final project. My final project is about Effect of Topography Surface on NiTi Orthodontic
Wire Coating on Thermal Properties and Biocompatibility with BHK-21 Fibroblast Cell. In this project I tried to enhance the thermal properties and biocompatibility of orthodontic wire trough surface modification process. Working in biomaterials means working in multidiscipline subject so we have to collaborate not only knowledge but also people and it is very nice thing to do so that I enjoy this project. I really want to continue my study in master program. My supervisor lecturer gives me information that in Korea there is any university that has polymer departement.
This departement also has biomaterial subject. This departement is in Pusan National University. After I try to find the information in this university website and also contact the professor, I search for scholarship to study there and finally I find KGSP. I think it is a good chance for me to study in Korea trough this program. This scholarship is great because it can help the student not only fulfill the study fee but also the language course too. It is helpful to make the student easy to communicate with people surround them in Korea.
I hope that I can get this scholarship in order I can continue my study in Korea because this country provide high quality education trough numerous qualified institutions. Study in Korea would be a lifetime rewarding experience. I believe the study of biomaterials will provide the opportunity to enhance biomedical technology and help people to keep their health. I hope that I can contribute myself in biomaterials field in my country after I finish my study. In the end, I am looking forward to accept a prestigious opportunity to study in Korea. | |