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self evaluation

self evaluation.  Prior to this project I was not completely aware of the “Energy Internet”; however, after researching more I now have a better understanding of the topic. I realize how important it is that this system of smart grid and all other smart devices will be as people try to progress through clean, green energy. This project has allowed me to improve on my research skills as well as being able to reference them. As of now I don’t plan to get straight into business in the future as I am studying to become a dentist. However, even the process of becoming a dentist having adequate research skills is vital as it would be in many areas. However, the reason why I am minoring in general business is so that I am exposed to these course that will help me if I ever choose to run my own clinic. After looking into Friedman’s Energy Internet and what he had to say I am more aware of how much energy my family and I uses. So things that I can be as simple as not having the lights on when no one is in a room, washing my clothes at night when energy costs are lower, etc. While working on this project I did not only learn about the Energy Interent but I got a sense of how my team members work. On our first meeting we discussed who’s answering what and the deadlines that we need to meet. Although the project wasn’t due until October 2nd we made sure that everyone was to be done with their section by Wednesday so we would have all of Friday’s lab to work on the summary. Finishing the project prior to the due date gives us a chance to revise our work before submission in order to achieve a high grade. Knowing that there is communication and determination to do well on these projects within the team is critical for success and I’m glad that my team and I are on the same page. 

self evaluation

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