Self-Esteem and Social Media in society

Self-Esteem and Social Media in society. This is a research study, I will give you the headlines that must be listed and the information I gathered or that is necessary and so please place each accordingly. This is supposed to be quite a long paper and so please feel free to add information or elaborate where you see fit and you can make up information as well that is fine.

Social Media Popularity

Social media has gained immense popularity in the last decade and its power has left certain long-lasting effects on people. The upward comparisons made using social networking sites have caused people to have lower self-esteems. In order to test the hypothesis 150 students from institute of business management were surveyed through questionnaires and interviews. This research was limited to the students of IoBM and Facebook, being the most popular social networking site was used as the representative of social media.

Correlation and regression model was applied to the data with the help of SPSS statistics to test the relationship between social media and self-esteem. The major findings suggest that approximately 88% people engage in making social comparisons on Facebook and out of the 88%, 98% of the comparisons are upward social comparisons. Further this research proves there that there is a strong relationship between social media and selfesteem. Increase in social media usage causes the self-esteem of individuals to decrease. One hour spent on Facebook daily results in a 5.574 decrease in the self-esteem score of an individual.


The major objective of this research is to highlight a clear impact of Facebook; as a most popular and frequently used social media sight on the self-esteem of youngsters. A mix method approach adopted therein would further enhance our study design and would provide clear insight towards direction of such relationship.

This study would divert the attention of individuals & help them analyze their over indulgence on social media with in the most precious hours of their life and its possible consequences on lowering their social esteem.

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