Hello, I have Self Assessment homework. It should be 3 pages answers of the questions. 

 Self-Assessment Worksheet
To gain a better understanding of yourself, answer the following questions:

1. Of the new and recent developments in my organization or field, what interests me the most? What are my current skills and strengths for pursuing these interests?
 What do I need to do to reposition my career so that I can get involved in these new areas?

2. What is most important to me in my work? What values guide the kind of work that I want to do?
Examples of guiding principles include: Must agree with the organizational mission; must be allowed innovation and risk taking; and must honor family values for a balanced professional life. 

3. What things are “must haves” for me in a job?
Examples might be flex time, on-site day care, or location relative to home.

4. What are my limiting factors?
These are things that put limits on the type of job you can take. Examples could be health concerns, geography, not willing to move, must not involve extensive travel, must stay in place until kids graduate, I need an advanced degree, or maybe a barrier or challenge such as a poor relationship with immediate supervisor. If you have none, you are most flexible and positioned for change. 

5. Is it time for me to consider working outside of my organization? If I am considering a complete career change, what experiences and learning would help reposition my career in the direction of my new interests?

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