School Admission Essay

School Admission Essay. The personal statement helps the Admissions Committee understand an applicant’s decision and readiness to pursue a career in social work. Please use this as an opportunity to share with the committee why you have chosen to study in the field of social work at this University. Please address the following points in your written statement:

1. Briefly describe a social issue you have knowledge or concern about and, based on your understanding, how social work may address this social issue.

2. What are your professional goals upon earning your Master’s degree in social work?

3. Describe any anticipated work, social, family, or community commitments that may have bearing on your ability to carry out the graduate study.

4. Please consider how you plan to meet the field practicum commitment of either 14 or 21 hours per week of field study while enrolled in the program each academic year.

5. Is there anything additional you would like us to know about your education or background as we consider your application? If so, please describe it.

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