Scholarly versus Popular Sources in writing

Scholarly versus Popular Sources in writing. A scholarly source is written by an expert in the field, usually someone who holds an advanced degree, like a Ph.D. The article/essay will appear in a journal that specializes in a certain topic (like medicine or theatre or computer science) and is generally only available to subscribers in that field. The publication is also usually peer reviewed, which means that the written work was critiqued by a panel of experts in the field and the author went through an extensive revision process before the piece was chosen for publication.

A popular source is written by a staff member of a magazine or newspaper, usually someone who has at least an undergraduate background in writing, journalism, or other relevant field. The publication can cover a wide variety of topics (from current events to popular culture to art to technological innovation) and is usually available to the mass public at newsstands and bookstores or through subscription. The publication has an editor who assigns writing duties and finalizes what goes to print.

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