Scenario A and B

Write in-depth, comprehensive responses that promote further discussion beyond merely agreeing/disagreeing.

About  Scenario A  and B.

Scenario A:  
Background:  Jurisdiction in the courts is an aspect of the law that can be confusing and complicated, but it is an important legal concept that businesses cannot ignore.  Jurisdiction can affect many business operations and determine various business decisions, such as where and how to advertise and market the business.  Before launching a business, and where there are questions about possible jurisdiction in the courts, it is advisable for businesses to consult an attorney.  
Scenario Facts:  Assume GC advertises aggressively in the Middle Atlantic States of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Virginia.    GC also advertises regularly via the internet by soliciting business in all states.
Assume GC contracted with ABC Corporation (ABC), incorporated in Virginia to clean the company offices in Richmond, Virginia. ABC paid for the cleaning, but after the cleaning, ABC was dissatisfied and sued GC in Virginia to recover the costs of the cleaning.  It was determined that the Virginia state court had jurisdiction to hear the case.
1.   Applying the concepts of jurisdiction to the scenario facts, discuss why you agree or disagree that the Virginia court has jurisdiction to hear the case.   

Fully support your conclusions.  Respond in 1 -2 paragraphs. 
Scenario B:  
During a meeting with Winnie, Ralph, the GC owners, and you, the owners asked several questions about their potential liability for on-the-job accidents resulting in injuries to employees.  They particularly need an explanation about Maryland’s workers’ compensation law.
Winnie and Ralph asked you to respond to the following question.  
Dave, a GC cleaning employee, accidentally fell off a ladder during a GC training exercise and injured himself.  Dave was taken to the hospital ER, treated, and released.  He missed one week of work because of this injury. 
1.  Analyze whether Jack could recover for his medical expenses under Maryland’s workers’ compensation law and why/how.
2.   Analyze and explain what, if anything, Jack could recover for loss of wages for the one week he was unable to work as a result of the accident.

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