Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form.
May I respectfully ask for your patience and understanding as I explain my justifications for appealing to you. In essence, I will be discussing one major issue that influenced my two subjects. I pray that this will greatly shed light and not give a lopsided or biased point-of-view of my present predicament. As the facts evidently point out, I have had extreme difficulty in both, my History and Psychology classes. In this regard, I have spent much time contemplating on the parameters that insinuate the validity or invalidity of my claims with reference to the situations and reasons stated in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form.
As such, I deeply and strongly believe that my basis for appealing is legitimate and warrants your kind consideration. Allow me to first state that English is not my first language. Therefore, I have great difficulty to both effectively communicate and to be communicated upon. With this reality, I honestly admit that it has taken me a vast amount of time and effort just to construct this appeal. This is thus the primary reason for my shortcomings in my academics. I have relentlessly tried to understand and speak with my professors to help me because of this reason.
This is the case in my History class, where I find it hard to understand my professor with all the facts and events I as a student have to comprehend in the subject. The same case somehow reflects my problem in my Psychology class, as when my professor will recommend that I read the book every time I ask for his help. I feel that as much as my professors want to accommodate me, this communication barrier tends to be an overwhelming obstacle at times. This does not even account for the fact that I am not the only student they have. Let it be known that I have no intention of directing my inadequacy on my professors.

This is not an interpersonal problem with them. I have no queries on whether or not my professors’ styles of teaching are hard or not. My only concern is centered upon my own faults that have become detrimental to my performance and growth not just as a student, but as a person as well. Therefore, I appeal to your compassionate and understanding heart for the consideration of my case. I only hope that you grant me this new opportunity to be a good student and a better person. I place my future in your hands. Thank you very much for then attention you have generously granted to me.

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form

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