Santa Fe High School Shooting

Santa Fe High School Shooting.

Your original post should directly and clearly address all required elements of the topic, task, or question for the Discussion assignment.
2. Your response should advance the discussion, through critical thinking and application of the course content. (Ask questions, assess further considerations, provide a different point of view, etc.)
3. Write all posts (original or reply) in a professional manner, consistent with expectations for criminal justice professionals.
a. Clearly express your thoughts,
b. Contain no grammatical or spelling errors, and
c. Properly cite all material created by another author, including pictures and

Santa Fe High School Shooting

4. Topics related to Criminal Violence are inherently difficult to discuss, especially in the context of a large fully-online course. Always follow the course Ground Rules for discussing difficult or controversial topics:
a. Listen (or read) respectfully, with an ear to understanding others’ views.
b. Criticize ideas, not individuals.
c. Commit to learning, not debating. Comment in order to share information, not to persuade.
d. Avoid blame, speculation, and inflammatory language.
e. Avoid assumptions about any member of the class or generalizations about
social groups.
f. Support your statements. Use evidence and provide a rationale for your points.

Santa Fe High School Shooting

● Riedel, M., Welsh, W. (2016) Criminal Violence: Patterns, Explanations, and
Interventions, Fourth Edition, New York, NY: Oxford University Press. ISBN 978-0-19-938613-0
● American Psychological Association. (2010) Publication manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth edition, Washington, DC, American Psychological Association

Criteria for the original post:
Fully addresses question or topic. Applies critical thinking or problem solving. Includes credible resources information or research to support positions, conclusions, or perspectives. (50 Pts).

Criteria for the responses:
Consistently advances discussion of at least two colleagues. Uses lesson content to support positions, conclusions, or perspectives. Asks questions, assesses further considerations, provides a different point of view, etc. (30 Pts).

Santa Fe High School Shooting

– First, the writer needs to carefully read the topic and start writing the original post. (no minimum words required).

– Second, The writer needs to carefully read the students posts and reply to them directly. (no minimum words required).

1. Conduct appropriate research, approaching the school violence incident from your assigned perspective.

2. Submit an original discussion post in which you:

a. Explain what constitutes your assigned perspective. (What is the philosophy behind a criminological approach, a criminal justice approach, or a public health approach to specific school violence?) This will lay the groundwork for an overall understanding of how the pieces fit together.

b. Propose solutions (methods, policies, or practices which could mitigate the effects of school violence) based on your assigned perspective.

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