RTI, MTSS, and Special Education Identification Processes

Students must qualify for special education services under one of the  disability categories outlined by the Individuals with Disabilities  Education Act. There is a specific process involved in identifying  students as having a disability. This process includes a group of  educators called a Child Study Team who help determine interventions for  students. This process can include RTI, MTSS, and the special education  identification process. Special education teachers will be involved in  all steps of these processes.
Create a 250-500 word brochure for families of students who may have disabilities. In your brochure, include the following

An explanation of RTI, MTSS, and the special education identification process
A visual to help families understand the explanation of RTI, MTSS, and the special education identification process
An overview of procedural safeguards and parental rights
A minimum of three local or national resources to support families who have children with disabilities

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