Rough Draft

I need this done ASAP. It’s due tonight, but I am submitting it tomorrow. I am willing to pay a little extra to get this done quickly. No plagiarism, all original work please. Thank you.

1. The document should have a title page (separate) that states the name of the instructional manual, your name date (it is NOT an APA title page).  

2. It should have a Table of Contents for the text sections of the manual and a List of Illustrations that lists the images you used in the document.  

3.  It should have a reference list that lists graphics that are not your own and any sources you may have used.  However, the instructions should be your own.  Do not copy/paste from others.

4.  The document should be 8-10 pages (not including the title page, TOC/LOI and reference list).  It should be single-spaced (1.0 line spacing).

5.  Ten graphics are required.  Four original graphics are required. If you can take your own screen shots or use your camera to take your own photographs, that is fine.  If you use other people’s images, they must be cited with an APA Figure caption under the image and listed in the reference list.  

If you are using your own images, technically they don’t have to be listed in a reference list, but do put the figure caption under them and put a note there that the images are yours, so I don’t think you forgot to cite the images used from other people.

Formatting Requirements:

1.  Center main titles.  Put subtitles at the left margin.  

2. Bold face titles and subtitles. Do not underline them, italicize them or put them in ALL CAPITAL letters.  

3.  Use Times New Roman 12-point font for all text.  Use 14- or 16-point font for titles and subtitles.

4.  Do not put titles, sentences or paragraphs in italics font.  Italics are harder for the eye to see.  Save them for items that require them, such as book titles.  Bold-face is better for emphasis than italics.

5.  Always put a blank line above and below titles and subtitles to separate them visually from the body text.   Put a blank line above and below a numbered or bulleted list.   Put a blank line between each numbered or bulleted item to separate them visually.

6. Do not put text in ALL CAPS or use a font that is all caps.  All Caps are harder for the eye to read.

7. Do not center sentences, paragraphs or bulleted/numbered lists. Centered text is harder for the eye to read. Centering titles is fine.

8. Use the black dot for bullet points.  Don’t use arrows or other designs for bulleted lists.

9.  Do not use Step 1, Step 2, etc. for the instructions.  Use a subtitle and do a numbered list under the subtitle.   Keep the list to a max of 7 or so steps.   Restart the numbering for each subtitled section.  

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