Romeo and Juliet vs Wesi Side Story

Rooney 1 Samuel Rooney Danielle Cornum English 9 30 January 2012 Similarities and Differences of Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story No one goes through all of life without the knowledge of these two timeless classics: West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet. These films are each a great literary work that defines the true meaning of life, sorrows and love. We all have knowledge of Shakespeare’s original Romeo and Juliet. In 1957 Leonard Bernstein created a Broadway Musical with a plot similar to Romeo and Juliet.
As well as this film, Baz Luhrmann created a film in 1996 using the exact play write from the original Romeo and Juliet set in modern times. Luhrmann entitled his film simple, Romeo and Juliet. These two timeless tales can be compared in many ways, such as: the differences and similarities Romeo and tony, the differences and similarities of each of the fighting scenes, and the differences and similarities of the wedding scene. Rome and Tony are two of the most complex characters in all of literature. They can be compared and contrasted in many ways.
The two different characters each have their very own attitude, this sets them apart but also brings the similarities out. “Ay me! Sad hours seem long. Was that my father that went hence so fast? (Lit Book) when you first come upon Romeo he is sad and lovesick. On the contrary when you first come upon Tiny he is very upbeat and joking Rooney 2 with his friends; two very different attitudes. The actions of these two are also very good examples of comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story. What shall this speech be spoken for our excuse? Or shall we go on without apology? ” (Lit Book) Romeo is very reluctant to go to the party, he is nervous and scared. On the contrary, Tony is happy and excited to go the party, he welcomes the challenge to meet new women. Last but not least both Rome and Tony are hopeless Romantics, and there is no cure for such a disease as romanticism. “It is I my lady. Oh, it is my love! Oh, that she knew she were! (Lit Book) they both have a very potent form of love. They cannot get over Juliet in Romeo’s case and Maria in Tony’s case.

Hopeless Romanticism is the most common similarity that Tony and Romeo have. Many more similarities and differences can be found, these are the main points that have been brought to attention for this particular essay. Many think that these two fighting scenes are straight forward and not complex, but on the contrary there are many similarities and differences. In Romeo and Juliet the fighting scene is somewhat of a duel, and not a full on combat such as in West Side Story. “Romeo, the love I bear for thee can afford. No better term than this: thou art a villain. ” In Romeo and Juliet Tybalt challenges