Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast

Compare and Contrast “Romeo and Juliet” is a story about two star crossed lovers who meet by fate. This great piece of literature written, by William Shakespeare will be compared with Baz Lurman’s rendition of “Romeo and Juliet”. The movie missed some details from the play it also added some extra scenes but it still contained the right mood and scenes for it to be a “Romeo and Juliet” movie. A major similarity between the movie and play occurs in mood.
An example of this is the marriage scene. In the marriage scene of the play, Romeo and Juliet act very serious. The reader can tell this by the way the two speak. Romeo says that the Holy Words the Friar speaks can make something without an equal which is a very intelligent thing to say. Similarly in the movie Romeo and Juliet both act serious. This is shown through there clothes, faces, and by the way they act. Romeo wears a suit, and Juliet wears a beautiful dress.
Also you can tell by there faces that they look determined to get married and they both act very professional their not jumping around like 5 years olds their acting how people should be when they are getting married. A humongous difference between the play and movie is that Romeo is being chased by the police as he is making his way to Juliet’s resting place. In the play this never even happened he just got on a horse and went to the place. Lurman had to include put a chase in there, but that’s just one weird thing in this scene the other one is that Romeo takes a hostage because he gets surrounded by the police.This part was probably not expected by a lot people. Another deference is the ending of both the play and movie. In the play thinking that Juliet is dead, Romeo drinks some poison.

When Juliet wakes up and discovering Romeo died she stabs herself with his dagger. They both lie next to each other, dead, and Juliet has yet another funeral, and Romeo has one too. Their families bury their differences and end their long feud. They also built a gold statue to honour Rome and Juliet.In contrast the movie ends with Romeo finding Juliet dead so he drinks the poison but this time Juliet wakes up: but Romeo has already drunken the poison so Juliet shoots her self in the head. Some people were not too happy about that. In conclusion the movie contained the necessary elements for it to be a fairly good adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” but it missed details from the play and added a few details which may not be liked by all audiences.
Both the play and movie are great.

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