Mr. Justice Unreasonably, yesterday ordered that a 13 yearned Dutch girl who has lived for eight years with a Malay woman in Java and Malay should be given into the care of the Netherlands Congealers who, It Is understood, will return her to her parents In Holland. After the decision, the girl, Maria Hibernia Herzog, and Amino, the Malay woman, clung to each other for almost an hour outside the Supreme Court. They declined to enter a waiting car, sobbed and vowed they would not be parted.
With tears streaming down her face, Maria shouted in Malay (the only language she can speak): “Amino is my mother. She has loved me, cared for me and brought me up. ” Then looking at Mammal, the girl said, “Do you love me, mother? If you love me don’t leave me. I don’t want to go with this man (a Dutch consular official). ” July 29 THE FULL COURT of Appeal In Singapore yesterday decided that Marl Herzog shall be given back to her fosterers, Chew Amino. The Appeal Court yesterday held that the proceedings before the Chief
Justice were, by reason of the in-service of the necessary parties, a nullity. When she heard that Marl would be returned to her, Mammal broke down and wept openly. But they were tears of Joy. Hugging and kissing Marl, she said brokenly: “l have never been so happy in my life. ” Stumbling a little as she came out of the Court of Appeal, she shook hands almost convulsively, with friends and Wilshire who were waiting outside. Http://restore. Salsa . Com. So/luminescence/lifeline/amoral . HTML 1 OFF

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