Role of Men and Women

The role of men and women There’s a big difference about the role of men and women between nowadays, in the past and in the future. It depends on a lot of cultural, continental, rich and poor, technology, development of science, health service, education … There are out of aspects to explain deeply this problem. It will be easier if we look at around things. Clearly The role of men and women‘s a big social’s problem and the family is the social factor so let have look at family.
In the past manual labour‘s the main. We have to admit that men they have superior health than women so they was easy to get a high situation in family because they are main income, women spend all their life just stay at home to born children and look after them, do housework,…. They didn’t have any opportunity to study, contribute to society and require their interest… but nowadays everything changed. The science reached new success.
Family planning’s popular and It’ too easy about having more child or not. Technology developed, house work doesn’t take too much time. The education developed there are a lot of good school to take children, parent receive support from government to educate their kids so Women have great opportunity to go out for working and they spend more time for academic, they can contribute for society, they have more time to relax, enjoy their life, position of women in society has been confirmed.

They can join to political and a lot of field which previously only men to participate. All the people in the world are born equal, enjoy the right to happiness and freedom. The human are building a new society, developed society, equal society where men and women both of them can contribute to making life more beautiful.

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