Role of International Trade and Business in the world

Role of International Trade and Business in the world. Explain why nations trade and describe how international trade is measured.

Role of International Trade

Recent decades have seen fast growth of the world economy. This growth has been driven in part by the even faster rise in international trade. The growth in trade is in turn the result of both technological developments and determined efforts to reduce trade barriers. Some developing countries have opened their own economies to take full improvement of the opportunities for economic development through trade, but many have not. outstanding trade barriers in industrial countries are determined in the agricultural products and manual manufactures in which developing countries have a proportional advantage. Further trade liberalization in these areas mainly, by both industrial and developing countries, would help the poorest get away from extreme poverty while also benefiting the industrial countries themselves .With the dawn of globalization, international business is becoming increasingly popular. Multinational organizations are among the most profitable in the world. A company needs to be conscious of the language and culture of the country where it plans to go aboard with its investment. Politics and laws of the nation can either make international business easy or hard. With the success of international business, its future is luminous, on a global scale International trade, as a major factor of openness, has made an increasingly significant contribution to economic growth. This research discusses the role of international trade in economic growth

Discuss the nature of conflicts in global business, including free trade and government interventions into international trade

Identify the major organizations that facilitate international trade and the major trading blocs around the world

Discuss the importance of understanding cultural and legal differences in the global business environment

Define the major forms of international business activity

Discuss the strategic choices that must be considered before entering international markets

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