Rock and Roll and reasons for American fear

Rock and Roll and reasons for American fear. The influence of rock (n’ roll on the culture and society of America is almost too vast to measure. The impact of rock In’ roll was first felt by the masses in the 1950s. During this time rock In’ roll became a dividing and uniting force. It pitted parents, the mass media, and the government against teenagers, and at the same time helped erode some of the prejudices felt towards African Americans. Parents disliked the influence and message behind rock In’ roll. They disliked the sexuality of the lyrics and of the performers, they disliked the fact that the music came directly from African Americans regardless of if it was a white performer who recorded the song, and they disliked the rebellious nature that the music was accused of inspiring. Your Task: You need can answer the questions (a paper or in question form). Please be sure to write in complete sentences and provide examples from the video ( and , to qualify your answers. Please be sure to follow the rubric provided.

Rock and Roll and reasons for American fear

Why do you think America was fearful of R and R? Please give examples from American history, from the text to supplement your answers. How did it help create a new American culture? What were some key factors from American history that helped or stood in the way of R and R? (Example: Brown vs. Board). Explain how the court case helped in the development of Rock and Roll.

Explain the relationship between African American artists and the white artists. Did this help ease race tensions in the 1950’s and 1960’s? Use quotes from the text to supplement your answers.

Explain R and R and sexuality. Did it change traditional values? How so? Give examples from the text. Draw conclusions, how do you think this is applicable to today’s culture?

Analyze and give examples from the text of how (especially in the late 1950s) there is evidence of a generation gap. What does generation gap mean? How did this shape American culture? What were the pop wars? How was this important in American history?

Please be sure to cite your sources and give plenty of examples from the text.
TEXT: all shook up how rock and roll changed America by glenn c. altschuler

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