Rhetorical Situations

Rhetorical Situations. Locate a text, and remember that a text is a broad term for this assignment, and identify and analyze the rhetorical situation of that text. A text can be a film, song, book or chapter, article, review, blog post, TV show episode, advertisement, or any other textual piece that is part of a rhetorical situation. Think about the text you intend to use for this assignment and make sure you fully understand how to apply the theory of the rhetorical situation to that text.

Now create rhetorical data to examine and use for the paper. Identity the exigence or purpose for the text. Why was it made? What is the point it is trying to make? Identify the audience for the text. How many audience are there and who are those audiences? Who stands to gain something from the text and who does not stand to gain? Who is responsible for making the text? The writer, but what about the publishing company or agency? The record label? Who are the individuals responsible for shaping that text? Does the article have a picture? Who made the images? What types of constraints existed for the rhetors? Did they have a strict timeline to work around?

For example, consider how Sistah Souljah responds to Bill Clinton’s claim that she is behaving like a KKK leader. Consider how this rhetorical situation works. What is the exigence? Who is the audience? What are the constraints? What is the context?

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