Review of the IT Administrator’s Task

You are an IT administrator for a company with an existing AD Forest. The company is adding two, new branch offices and you have been tasked with designing a replication strategy prior to DC deployment. Branch1 will be connected to the Main Office via a pair of bonded T1 lines and will contain a Call Center with high employee turnover. Branch2 will be in a very remote location and will be connected to the Main Office via a 56K POTS line.
The run a replication topology in multisite network should be run off of Intersite Topology Generator. This will allow you to replicate between the two new offices. There are three attributes to control the behavior of replication traffic over the site link: cost, schedule, and frequency. Assigning a cost to a site link object allows the administrator to define the pate that replication will take. The schedule of the site link object determines when the link is available to replicate information. A site link’s frequency determines how often information will be replicated over a particular site link.
Active Directory uses two protocols: Remote Procedure Calls over Internet Protocol by default for all replication traffic. The other protocol is called Simple Mail Transport Protocol is an alternative solution for intersite replication when a direct or reliable IP connection is not available. SMTP site links use asynchronous replication meaning that each replication transaction does not need to complete before another can start because the transaction can be stored until the destination server is available.

After reviewing all of these protocols and the replication strategy that I have provided should give you a good understanding of which needed for each office building. Good luck on adding your two new branch offices.

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