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The SLA management system mechanism speaks to a scope of financially accessible cloud administration items that give highlights relating to the organization, collection, storage, reporting and runtime notification of SLA data.
A SLA administration framework sending will for the most part incorporate a storehouse used to store and recover collected SLA information in light of pre-characterized measurements and revealing parameters. It will additionally depend on at least one SLA screen systems to gather the SLA information that would then be able to be made accessible in close realtime to use and organization gateways to give continuous input in regards to dynamic cloud administrations. 
Why it is important in cloud infrastructure management?
An SLA serves as both the blueprint and warranty for cloud computing. The SLA monitor mechanism is used to specifically observing the runtime performance of cloud service to ensure that they are fulfilling the contractual Quality of service(QoS) requirements that are published in SLA. The data collected by SLA monitor is processed by SLA management system to be aggregated into SLA reporting metrics.
Convert SLAz to help overall business outcome : Even though the cloud computing market in world is growing considerably, very few Small Medium Business(SMB) companies have the IT maturity to take an infrastructure-based SLA and map it to business outcomes. Organizations should opt for SLAs that best suit the business requirements, instead of going in for strigent. If the organization decides on a stricter SLA infrastructure level, then the cost will have to borne by the company itself. Clod SLA monitoring becomes logical and partical when focus is on a prudent business-transaction-level SLA(Number if hits on the website, database  transaction etc) and not just the infrastructure level SLA( response time, latency and availability).
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ervice Level Agreement (SLA) Monitor:
Service Level Agreement (SLA) is very important in the case of cloud infrastructure management. Service provider and customer agree on desired performance levels or desired time schedule or a mix of such requirements. It is important to have all possible performance related parameters to be listed in the contract and agreed upon by both parties. It encompasses following information which is critical for the smooth running of the cloud:

Specifies parameters and minimum levels required for each level of service and as well as remedies for the failure to meet those requirements.
Establishes institution’s ownership of its data on the service providers system and rights to get it back, details system infrastructure and cost of the service.

SLA monitoring is all about monitoring all the aspects of SLA and how it is getting executed. One of the key indicators for this monitoring will the availability and performance of your mission-critical business applications ensuring higher business value through better management of IT and IT processes. If SLA monitoring or the activities pertaining to SLA are not monitored, then they can result of a lot of confusion and may be disagreement between parties or if the activities are deviating from SLA or are not meeting the defined objectives, the business may suffer heavily. Also, such monitoring gives important data for future decisions or improvements whether to continue the service or not.

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