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18 hours agoAlicia McCalla Aarons Week 1- Master of TeachingCOLLAPSE
Learning is outlined “an enduring change in behavior or in the capacity to behave in a given fashion, which result from practice or other forms of experiences” (Slavin & Schunk, 2017, p. 3). If we were to look Biblical o the teaching of Jesus, we would realize that he promotes learning via thinking, while using teachable moments. Jesus views and teachable moments can be tied into the philosophy of many, such as Plato and Paget’s. Plato regards education as a way to realize justice, both individual justice and social justice. Plato concludes that virtue is obtained through three stages of development of information; knowledge of one’s own job, self-knowledge, and knowledge of the idea of the good, as with the message of Jesus.
Jesus told countless parables. He pulled spiritual truths from everyday life. Not solely did these stories made his teaching more memorable, they also connected in a much more profound way. For example; Jesus adapted his teaching style to fit the specific situation. “When teaching the multitude on a mountainside, he addressed his learners using lecture (Matt 5–7). However, when he was alone with the disciples, he used object lessons, such as the washing of their feet to demonstrate servant leadership (John 13:5–20)” (Learning Styles Research, 2006, p. 27-42). Jesus demonstrated that the number of learners in a teaching situation should determine the choice/ selection of teaching methodology. Ultimately, Jesus was concerned with the needs of his learners. He understood their culture, their traditions, and their life needs. All of those components were taken into thought in his teaching methods.
Educational analysis in the field of learning style theory has demonstrated significant improvement in learning achievement when students are taught according to their learning styles. As an educator, it’s important for me to understand my group and their teaching styles. While some may learn better with visual communication, others may not. One thing that is evident even with the teaching methods of Jesus, is that repetition builds emphasis and breeds memory. What gets repeated gets remembered. So finding the main point of the message and saying it, again and again, will have a lasting impact when teaching. As an educator it’s important that I model the teaching of Jesus, to practice what I preach, tell stories, be creative, use object lessons and create experiences.
Slavin, R. E., & Schunk, D.H. (2017). Learning theories: EDUC 500 (1st ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.
Learning Styles Research: Understanding How Teaching Should Be Impacted by the Way Learners Learn is taken from the Christian Education Journal, CEJ: Series 3, Vol. 3, No. 1. Copyright 2006; p 27-42

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